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FROM DIAGNOSIS... Quantitative research Segmentation U&A Brand equity measurement Brand tracker Test (concept, product, offer, communication, etc.) Qualitative research Brand equity study Ethnographic research Online communities Semiotics expertise ...TO MARKETING STRATEGY

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From diagnosis to marketing strategy Global segmentation, brand positioning work & consulting on Season 6 marketing strategy. GET IN TOUCH From diagnosis to marketing strategy Segmentation & brand positioning work for A Vendre A Louer following the acquisition by Leboncoin GET IN TOUCH

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PARTNERS jon hackett partner & ceo Jon has extensive experience in marketing strategy, market research, segmentation, positioning, advertising & communication, consumer insight, and brand building. Of American nationality, Jon has lived and worked in several countries including the US, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, France, Spain, Germany & the UK. Today, Jon is partner and chief executive officer at h2\, where he works closely with his clients to help grow their brands by leveraging sound marketing strategies. picture of jon hackett cio h2\agency picture of nicolas hébert cio h2\agency nicolas hébert partner & cio Of French nationality, Nicolas has over 20 years of consumer-based brand-related experience. A constant innovator, Nicolas has extensive experience in quantitative research methods, as well as search, smart data and topic modeling. Today, Nicolas is co-founder and chief innovation officer at h2\. Prior to this role, Nicolas was partner at Sorgem IMR where he created the Quantitative Research Department and directed it for 6 years. picture of jon hackett cio h2\agency picture of jon hackett ceo at h2\agency picture of jon hackett ceo at h2\agency picture of jon hackett cio h2\agency

PARTNERS With a degree from the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Isabelle is a semiotician who specializes in brand, the cultural meaning of signs and societal shifts. She joined h2\ after 15 years at Sorgem, where she deployed numerous marketing approaches, ranging from the tactical to the more strategic ones, in multiple industries including FMCG, retail, travel, luxury, mobility and media. picture of jon hackett ceo at h2\agency isabelle
head of insights and semiotics
— partner
picture of jon hackett cio h2\agency picture of jon hackett ceo at h2\agency

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