Why the future of branding is brighter than ever

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For this last number of our series on branding and brand growth (published originally in French in INfluencia, accessible here), we’d like to take a step back. Or, to be more accurate, a step forward. To a near future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a more central role. A future where Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality …

Brand availability

Want to grow your brand? Think brand availability, favorability & sustainability

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In this article, I’d like you to step into the Brand Growth Factory. It is here you will find the core catalysts of brand growth and discover what it takes to grow your brand: brand availability, favorability & sustainability. In h2\agency’s recently published Brand Growth Manifesto, we provided a structured overview of what determines brand growth, and distilled it into …

brand growth

A rundown on our Brand Growth Manifesto

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A giraffe is approximately six feet tall and weighs up to 150 pounds at birth. Even more impressive, it can grow as much as an inch per day!  And that’s precisely the subject of this article. No, not giraffes… growth! Brand growth, to be specific. h2\agency recently published its Brand Growth Manifesto and we have had several requests for a …