You are about to participate in a research project conducted by the company H2 AGENCY. This study is aimed at producing learnings, and therefore involves the transmission of confidential information.


  • « Information » means information and data of any kind, transmitted to me by the Institute, in writing or orally, including those disclosed prior to this agreement, and including without limitation any written or printed documents, analysis, compilations, images, photographs, videos, audio files and other materials transmitted to me by the Institute.
  • « Representative » means the Company’s representatives, employees and advisers, as well as any person providing information on behalf of the Institute. For the purposes of this Undertaking, any disclosure of information by the Company’s Representative shall be deemed to be made by the Company.

The obligation of confidentiality

I undertake not to disclose any Information received from the Company.

The exceptions to this are the following types of information which are not subject to the non-disclosure agreement:

  1. Anything that was in the public domain prior to this agreement or has since fallen into the public domain through no fault of mine;
  2. Anything disclosed to me by a third party, lawfully and without breaching a non-disclosure agreement
  3. Anything specifically requested from me by an administrative or judicial authority, provided that I am legally obliged to comply with that request.


All the Information, as well as its mediums and reproductions, communicated to me by the Company will remain the Company’s property and I do not benefit from any right to use this Information.

At the request of the Company, I undertake to immediately return or destroy all documents or other mediums containing Information, without keeping a copy.


I am committed for a period of three (3) years from the date of this study.

Applicable law

This agreement is governed by French law and any dispute or litigation shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal.


In the event of failure to comply with the obligation of confidentiality stipulated in this agreement, I agree to pay damages to the Company of the amount of five thousand (5,000) euros.