Marketing strategy

Set yourself up for what’s next

How We Help Our Clients


The essence of any marketing strategy is gaining absolute clarity around how to position your brand, product or service to your target customer. We take our clients through a rigorous, yet fool-proof, journey to positioning their brands and products. This allows the entire marketing team to align on a clear course of action and execute accordingly.

Objectives, Investments, Returns

We help clients connect marketing with finance to understand the impact of the strategy on profit. We help our clients set out clear marketing objectives, forecast sales, dig down into unit economics and track milestones. Not only does this hold us accountable, but it also facilitates the discussion between the marketing and the finance departments.

Marketing Plans

Bringing everything together in a clear and succinct Marketing Plan. We favour structured and tight marketing plans with need-to-know information only that clearly identifies a meaningful course of action. This is a great way to build consensus within the organisation and achieve cross-functional buy-in for the defined strategy. We help our clients formulate and execute winning marketing strategies by coupling powerful consumer-centric insights with rigorous strategic thinking.


Jon Hackett

Partner & CEO