Leverage the power of pricing

How We Help Our Clients

Pricing is one of the most important yet least leveraged profit levers. A sound pricing strategy can have a direct positive impact on your bottom line, while a poor pricing strategy will result in leaving money on the table.

We offer a wide range of pricing services that cover the entire product life-cycle:

  • We carry out predictive demand analysis to measure demand, price elasticity and Willingness to Pay for new products and services in order to devise sound go-to market pricing strategies;
  • We leverage our deep consumer insights expertise to navigate the psychological and behavioral elements of pricing:
  • We work alongside our clients to optimize their Monetization models and implement effective incentive schemes;
  • We help identify and implement price corrections, optimize the pricing portfolio, and leverage advanced analytics to implement pricing segmentations;
  • We help devise and implement turn-around pricing strategies.

Our pricing experts intervene at several levels:.

  • Performing a pricing diagnosis and delivering recommended course of action;
  • Devising and implementing pricing strategies alongside our clients;
  • Building pricing capabilities within our clients’ organizations.

We help our clients leverage the power of pricing to improve profitability.


Jon Hackett

Partner & CEO