Consumer insight

Walk in their shoes

How We Help Our Clients

Our consumer insights practice offers a wide spectrum of quantitative and qualitative approaches to understanding consumer motivations, expectations, needs, behaviour, perceptions and attitudes. With a host of proprietary approaches that we have developed over the years, we specialize in:

Consumer Culture & Trends

The world is changing. And along with it, consumer behaviour and attitudes. We help our clients identify the meta forces at play and how to account for them in their marketing activities.

Market Segmentations

Whether value-based, needs-based, attitudinal, demographic or behavioural, we build relevant and actionable segmentations that serve as the foundation of our clients’ marketing strategies.

White Spaces

The term we use to designate areas of opportunity in the market. We apply several methods that allow us to identify white spaces in the market in which new products & services can be positioned

Perceptual Maps

Creating perceptual maps that clearly delineate how our clients’ brands are perceived relative to the competition and relative to what consumers perceive as ideal is the basis of marketing strategy.

Funnels & Journeys

Mapping out the consumer’s usage and purchasing journey allows us to build schematics that allow for strategic thinking and inform marketing investment decisions.


Nicolas Hébert

Partner & COO

Isabelle Martinez

Partner & Head of Consumer Insights

Andrew Porter

International Research & Insights Director