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How We Help Our Clients

Brand Equity

Brands can be powerful strategic assets that drive shareholder value thanks to both their ability to generate excess revenue (i.e. demanding a price premium) as well as their ability to reduce costs (i.e. via marketing efficiencies). From a consumer’s perspective, brands can also wield immense cultural value as identity markers.

We help our clients understand how their brands are perceived, what cultural role they play and what value they deliver to the business. We help measure, manage and leverage brand equity through a variety of approaches that yield concrete results.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture refers to how a firm organizes its brand portfolio by assigning each brand with a specific role and by clarifying the relationship between the different brands and between the brands and the markets in which they operate. With a host of possibilities including line extensions, sub brands, brand extensions, or endorsed brands, the objective is to position each brand so as to maximize clarity and synergy for the customer all the while minimizing resources for the firm.

We help our clients evaluate and optimize their current brand architecture set-up.


Distinctive brand assets serve an important role as “triggers” for consumers in buying situations and are therefore essential to revenue generation. They come in different shapes and sizes, including logos, sonic cues, characters or icons, and can be leveraged in a myriad of places from advertisement to on-pack.

We help our clients evaluate and leverage their distinctive brand assets to boost brand coherence and business impact.

Brand Stretching

Brand stretching refers to your brand’s ability to extend beyond its current territory in order to attract new audiences or acquire new brand assests. We help our clients precisely identify their current territory, identify the most relevant and attractive territories for potential stretching as well as offer strategic recommendations based on the a combined approach of our semiotic and consumer research.



Isabelle Martinez

Partner & Head of Consumer Insights

Jon Hackett

Partner & CEO