With a team that is trained in the Design Thinking methodology, we apply rigorous insighting and ideation techniques. We merge our expertise in consumer insights, new product development and pricing to ensure our clients bring value-creating products and services to the market. We foster disruptive thinking, stimulate creative solutions to complex problems and accelerate change. …

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Pricing is one of the most important yet least leveraged profit levers. A sound pricing strategy can have a direct positive impact on your bottom line, while a poor pricing strategy will result in leaving money on the table. We offer a wide range of pricing services that cover the entire product life-cycle: We carry …

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Brand Equity Brands can be powerful strategic assets that drive shareholder value thanks to both their ability to generate excess revenue (i.e. demanding a price premium) as well as their ability to reduce costs (i.e. via marketing efficiencies). From a consumer’s perspective, brands can also wield immense cultural value as identity markers. We help our …

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Marketing strategy

Positioning The essence of any marketing strategy is gaining absolute clarity around how to position your brand, product or service to your target customer. We take our clients through a rigorous, yet fool-proof, journey to positioning their brands and products. This allows the entire marketing team to align on a clear course of action and …

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Consumer insight

Our consumer insights practice offers a wide spectrum of quantitative and qualitative approaches to understanding consumer motivations, expectations, needs, behaviour, perceptions and attitudes. With a host of proprietary approaches that we have developed over the years, we specialize in: Consumer Culture & Trends The world is changing. And along with it, consumer behaviour and attitudes. …

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